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About us

Three specialist family companies with all the necessary quay wall renovation disciplines have joined forces. They have united to become G-Kracht. The companies are Gebr. de Koning, Van Gelder and Japanese company, Giken. They are supported in this by Deltares, an independent institute for applied water and subsurface research.

Read more here about the partners within G-Kracht:

Giken has 450 employees, is a specialist Japanese developer of piling rigs and also implements projects in Japan. It develops and constructs specialist vibration-free foundation engineering technology for quay and dike construction.

With its European head office in Almere, Giken offers technical advice to permanent partners (Gebr. De Koning in the Netherlands). For Giken, each innovation it develops must result in improvements in all five of the following principles:

Environmental performance, Safety, Implementation speed, Financial feasibility and Aesthetic values. Giken will only implement innovations that result in progress on all five of the principles. This has already resulted in more than 1,000 patents, enabling Giken to achieve a continuous lead over its competitors. These five design principles will also be leading for our consortium.

Gebr. de Koning is an innovative all-round go-getter of civil construction projects on the intersection between land and water that deliver added value to the surrounding area. We have a clear future vision, without losing sight of our rich history and enjoy working with our clients on cutting-edge and high-profile projects.

We enjoy a challenge. Especially if the challenge is complex; that’s when we perform at our best. We like taking on jobs that are too ambitious for others. We thrive on this as it enables us to show what we’re capable of. We work at the coalface and are down-to-earth. At the same time, we enjoy working on smart solutions and technologies. We do this with 120 committed employees.

Van Gelder, with more than 1,100 employees, is a contractor that realises aboveground and underground infrastructure. Infrastructure is of great importance to society.

A reliable contractor is needed if innovative infrastructure is to be achieved, i.e. a company with loyal employees, who always go that extra mile and always search for better solutions than those demanded by the client.

We dare to claim, in all modesty but certainly with ambition that as the Netherlands’ key Infrastructure builder, Van Gelder is always moving forward with confidence.