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G-Kracht develops innovative quay replacement method

Three specialist family companies that have all the necessary quay wall renovation disciplines in house have joined forces. Gebr. de Koning and Van Gelder started a partnership with Japanese company, Giken and as G-Kracht consortium, developed a radical innovation to replace quays in old cities.

G-Kracht gave itself the following challenge from the start: if our radical innovation can be successful in Amsterdam, it can be successful across the world. The so-called Amsterdam GRB system (Giken Reaction Based system) does not need a cofferdam or temporary structure, but installs the new quay structure using vibration-free technology directly from a logistics ‘train’. The system prevents an unstable subsurface from affecting the immediate surrounding area and listed buildings.

Logistically, all the work is carried out entirely via the water, which means that hardly any quay space is needed. This method of quay replacement enables a much shorter project lead time. Moreover, the method reduces risks and inconvenience to the neighbourhood. The lead time reduction particularly results in significant cost reductions. The system is scalable and available in many quay forms. Furthermore, in many cases trees and houseboats do not need to be removed when implementing the project.

G-Kracht consortium: ‘We are very delighted with the Municipality of Amsterdam’s decision to award the contract to us and are looking forward to taking the next step together in using innovative procedures to future-proof the city and its quays.’